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The benefits of strategic planning, access to manufacturing partners, and timely execution

We are innovators and creative problem solvers like you. We understand the challenges of designing and refining products and the path forward isn’t always clear or a straight line. With in house R&D we will set up experiments to challenge and test assumptions or ideas to inform and validate designs.

At Harbor Designs & Manufacturing we take the time to understand your mission, bottom line, technical details, and regulatory requirements. We put together a comprehensive manufacturing plan by competitively bidding, auditing and qualifying global suppliers and defining production processing criteria. Then, we develop assembly instructions with incoming and outgoing inspection requirements to ensure your product is manufactured to the highest level of quality. Delivered on time, and on budget. We produce your product in a uniquely tailored turn key solution, so you can focus on what matters- running your business.

Lastly, we focus on quality. Building quality in during the design phase ensures manufacturing can be done efficiently and correctly. Harbor can provide an independent review of your product’s purpose relative to appropriate stakeholders. At the same time, we check to ensure design and contract requirements are relevant and on-topic with your stated market segment needs, saving your company money by documenting and building quality in at every stage of the product development process.

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Harbor Designs and Manufacturing is registered by the American National Accreditation Board to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management for Commercial Devices) and ISO 13485:2016 (Quality Management for Medical Devices).

To achieve and maintain accreditation, Harbor Designs has implemented a quality system that has planned design, risk and manufacturing controls. These controls are both efficient and effective to deliver a quality product, which allows our clients to quickly get to market. Harbor Designs is  registered with the FDA as a medical device OEM.

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