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Updating, redefining and providing a face lift to the products moving people and things everyday.

Products and solutions to enhance our aging transportation systems to effectively move people and things more efficiently, saving time, resources while improving comfort and reliability.

With innovative solutions impacting the transportation industry, inventors and entrepreneurs need to move at lightning speed to take advantage of trends impacting the sector. New products improving the transport of people and goods, warehousing and storage, scenic and sightseeing transportation and other support activities related to modes of transportation are all areas which need to be improved, re invented and impacted with new technology. And with the various modes of transportation of air, rail, water, road, pipeline and now space, yes….space, the final frontier, the opportunities for improving this sector is infinite.

Technology is driving innovative trends and new product development in the transportation industry. New opportunities for products range from electronic devices for drivers creating safer roads, self-driving trucks, boats, planes and rockets, intelligent public transportation, blockchain development and drone delivery to name just a few. Technology is literally changing the face of how we move animals, people and things from one place to another.

Calling all inventors! With our declining and aging transportation system, vehicles, trains, buses, planes and new vehicles such as drones, and spacecrafts, all need major upgrades and development. This includes the systems and data which help vehicles and people move more efficiently and enhance the users experience when using them.

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