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Production + Manufacturing

After the mechanical engineering design is complete, the project moves on to production engineering. Our production engineers ensure a smooth and economic realization of the mechanical design through production. They oversee the implantation of the manufacturing phase including tool and mold design, jig and fixture fabrication, assembly line automation, and Quality Assurance (QA) procedures. At Harbor Designs and Manufacturing, we integrate production engineering throughout the entire design process to help you achieve a manufacturable cost-effective product.

A part is only as good as its tool, so at Harbor we make sure to design the tools and molds necessary for production. In addition, we make use of fixtures to secure components and jigs to increase efficiency through repeatable accurate interchanges during manufacture. Tools, molds, fixtures, and jigs all work together to ensure all of your parts are produced correctly each and every time. Our production engineers supervise the whole production procedure and made fabrication adjustments as necessary for smooth operation.

Not every part should be vertically assembled, some products require horizontal assembly. Either way, assembly production ensures your products is being manufacture in the proper sequential way, increasing work flow, efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. Whether you are producing ten, a hundred, a thousand or more parts we can make use of different assembly options to meet your needs. From bench top to floor to fully automated, we  recommend and produce your product in the proper assembly solution for you!

The most important job of the production engineer is to test manufactured parts for QA. We follow the golden rules of QA: “Right First Time” (mistakes should be eliminated before they occur) and “Fit For Purpose” (the product is suitable for its intended purpose). Our production engineers develop systematic tests specific to your project to ensure the manufactured products meet applicable specifications. At Harbor we focus on quality and design all our products to enable production QA testing. This includes ensuring component accessibility, correct label placement, and inclusion of test components in the unit, as well the proper equipment to conduct the test. When necessary, failure and stress tests and be conducted and statistical control used to identify problems. Based on the results, components can be re-engineered as necessary for increased performance.