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Helping bring life enhancing medical and diagnostic devices to market & assisting companies through regulatory guidelines for medical products.

Devices critical in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease, or for detecting, measuring, restoring, correcting, or modifying the structure or function of the body for some health purpose are commonly known as medical devices.

The United States holds a competitive advantage in the medical device industries, including microelectronics, telecommunications, instrumentation, biotechnology, and software development. Collaborations have led to innovative advances including neuro-stimulators, stent technologies, biomarkers, robotic assistance, and implantable electronic devices. Since these development fuels the medical device sector, the pursuit for identifying better ways to treat and diagnose medical conditions sits heavily with teaching universities and entrepreneurs. With new technology and treatments emerging every day patient life expectancy will continue to increase and our aging populations will continue to grow globally, demanding growth from the medical device sector.

With that in mind, Harbor Designs works with inventors, doctors and entrepreneurs and with world renowned teaching hospitals and universities, specifically Johns Hopkins and the University of MD. Professors and students work collaboratively researching to discover breakthrough technology and develop new innovative products in the medical device industry to enhance and improve our overall health and well-being. Harbor Designs is honored to work many of these leading experts however have the distinct pleasure to assist two legendary and celebrated innovators from Johns Hopkins University and the University of MD.

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Collaborative Partnerships

With over 200 U.S. and foreign medical patents to his name, Dr. Robert Fischell, is a physicist, inventor and worked at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He recently donated $30 million to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation to establish a bio engineering department and an institute for biomedical devices. During his tenure at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory his contributions span from an APL satellite navigation system to a rechargeable implantable pacemaker. His inventions have led to the creation of several biotechnology companies, including a cardiac defibrillator, a feedback system which provides early warning of epileptic seizures and heart attacks. His most recent quest is to redesign a portable device that treats migraines, a device Harbor Designs and Manufacturing has been working on with him and his team.

Can you hear me now? Dr. James West and his colleague, Gerhard Sessler, developed the mic (officially known as the Electroacoustic Transducer Electret Microphone) at Bell Laboratories, and they received a patent for it in 1962. The acoustical technologies employed became widely used for many reasons including high performance, acoustical accuracy and reliability, and is literally used by over 2 billion people on a daily basis, as it is included in nearly every phone. Dr. West started at Bell labs as an intern and after graduating from Temple University joined them full time. He holds 47 US patents and more than 200 foreign patents from his 40-year career with Bell Laboratories and has received numerous global awards and honors during his lifetime. Dr. West now works with JHU as a research professor, and Sonavi Labs in creating products that analyze body sounds for the diagnosis of diseases, a revolutionary life saving device.

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“Harbor has been critical to the success of Zygood in not only creating a consumer-friendly product that is marketable, but designing and creating a prototype that exquisitely showcases design and function, and is manufacturable and ready for mass production. The team at Harbor redesigned boards to ensure FDA approval, advised us on what we need in our business to make our product marketable to the consumer and ultimately crafted a product that we are extremely proud to present.”

– Dr Fischell of the Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices, University of Maryland

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