MDMEP Announces Maryland Manufacturing Innovation 2019

2019-09-23T14:44:14-04:00September 23rd, 2019|

The Maryland Manufacturing Innovation 2019 Conference is the only event in Maryland dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing industry. The conference will showcase the latest technologies, trends and best practices in manufacturing delivered through world-class keynote speakers, workshops, case studies and educational opportunities.

The objective of the Maryland Manufacturing Innovation 2019 Conference is to provide valuable content, knowledge and best practices for manufacturing executives and individuals in leadership roles in operations, sales, human resources, finance and accounting, logistics and supply chain.

The Maryland Manufacturing Innovation 2019 Conference will feature four tracks:

GROWTH – A Strategic Approach to Achieve Business Growth
PEOPLE – Tools and Methods to Develop Your Workforce
TECHNOLOGY – Investing in Advanced Manufacturing and Technology
PROCESS – How Different Industries are Achieving Operational Excellence

Tickets are $250 for manufacturing attendees and $350 for non-manufacturing attendees. This event is expected to sell out so register today!  http://mdmfginnovation.mdmep.org