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Integrated Technology

To start, we can design the necessary circuitry with proper sensor and actuator interfaces, hardware layout, and controller system. Then we can continue the project with software and or microprocessor programming and create printed circuit board (PCB) layouts. Finally, we integrate the electrical components with the overall CAD model of the mechanical components to create detailed documentation complete with schematics and routing diagrams.

Once a design is finalized, our engineers create a detailed dimensioned drawing of the design. Based on this drawing we then develop an engineering Bill of Materials (BOM) which lists all the parts and components used in the design, the correct quantity of each part should be used, as well as additional critical properties. The BOM is essential in supporting engineering development and ensures correct manufacturing.

The entire engineering process is controlled via product lifecycle management. Our engineers use Product Data Management (PDM) software to track and control all the data associated with a project.