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Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the first phase of developing the manufacturing “recipe” and at Harbor Designs & Manufacturing we take a more comprehensive approach than most. During the Industrial Design phase we figure out exactly what your product will do, how it will work, and what it should look like. Since our goal is to produce your product, we go above and beyond in our Industrial Design phase to make sure it has an edge on market in every way possible. The more marketable and cost effective your product, the more you can sell.

In the Industrial Design phase, we will work closely with you to properly define design goals,  be sure to include or establish the product’s image and company’s brand to pave the way to cost effective manufacturing. An Industrial Design phase will consist of the following steps:

Define the Product’s Goals
This is your product, so it makes sense to start with what you know and build from there. We get an understanding for what you’re trying to accomplish with your product, how you see it working and being used and what you know about the market and any competing products which may already exist. This is a highly interactive process where we sit down and brainstorm together. We’ll present our own research on the market and look for as many cost-effective ways as possible to make your product the superior solution to other options in the market place. By the time this step is complete we will have defined what your product will do, how it will work, and what features you want included, as well as identify any potentially patentable elements.

Lay Out the Product’s Design
Once the products parameters are defined, we transition into Defining the Design. What does it look like? How does it feel? We’ll put ourselves in the place of the consumer or end user and explore all of the options regarding style, ergonomics, possible manufacturing pathways and ease of assembly. If your company already offers products, we’ll work to propose designs which compliment your company style, or, if your product line is in need of a makeover or if this is your first product, we’ll give it a fresh look guaranteed to resonate with your desired demographic. Based on your input we’ll supply multiple design pathways and concepts in the form of Detailed Sketches, 3-D CAD Models and when appropriate Physical Design Models. See the bottom of this page for examples.

Refine the Product’s Goals and Design
We will respond to your feedback and make revisions until you are satisfied, presenting you with a clearly defined product design ready to be transitioned to the engineering phase. We will make sure you are happy with the shape, proposed function, and artwork design.

Industrial Design Components
Artists renderings, 3D CAD concept models, numerous rapid prototyping options including low cost rapid injection molding, SLA, SLS, FDM, LOM
Mechanical Engineering
Detailed dimensioned drawings, BOM development, PDM vault document control
Production Engineering
Testing and QA procedures, jigs and fixture fabrication, assembly line automation