Once the design of the project is fully defined or developed, we begin the mechanical engineering phase. At Harbor Designs & Manufacturing we apply the principles of physics to create innovative engineering solutions to address your unique needs and drive your product’s success. Harbor engineers specialize in relating knowledge gained from past projects in unrelated areas to the task at hand.

The key to great engineering is technical drafting. Drafting is a visual language of engineering which allows fast and precise communication of design intent through standard notation to ensure everyone involved in the process is working on the same concept. A well dimensioned drawing is truly worth a thousand words!

To start the drafting process, at Harbor Designs we use cutting edge Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create a solid model 3D graphical representation of your product. CAD greatly increases design efficiency and lets our engineers make instantaneous changes based on your feedback. We can then use the CAD model to conduct sophisticated motion, force, thermal, flow and or environmental simulations and optimize the model to satisfy the project requirements. In addition, we use our CAD models to rapid prototype a physical model, so you can examine the prototype in person. We make use of various rapid prototype techniques and can even have a prototype your product ready in a single day!