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Court Grabbers provides game ready traction on the court. With a simple add on to attached to any shoe the traction gel provides reliable grip on a variety of court conditions.

Focus Putter allows anyone to putt like the pros! An easy to use attachment is attached to your putter and as long as you stay within the red zone your putting straight.

Pop It! Never stoop over to pick up stray tennis balls again. The Pop It attachments connects in less than a second to the end of your tennis racket, allowing you to pick up tennis balls quickly and easily. The attachment also doubles as a stand.

Damp Rid Power Free moisture removal. Reinventing the old, focus groups identified with the improved “vortex” design supporting the redesign of the pride and true proven product of removing damp and musty odors from boats, homes, basements and RV’s.

See Damp Rid in action here.

Harbor Designs and Manufacturing is pleased to show off the automated FlavorX device.

Flavoring children’s medicine with the touch of a button.


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