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Project Brief

Developed by Dr. Fischell at the University of Maryland, the TransCutaneous Magnetic Stimulator (TCMS) is a drug free device which uses a high intensity pulsed magnetic field to eliminate or significantly reduce chronic pain. The patient receives high intensity magnetic pulses producing an electrical pulse in the nerves which disrupt those nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.

Form & Features

We wanted to redesign the TCMS device with a design language to embody both a medical aesthetic and a unified look for the back and dog applicators. The interface includes a touchscreen with two physical buttons to Start and Stop the device, a built-in handle on the side for easy mobility and a card holder under the screen to scan prescriptions. The ventilation was moved to the bottom and cable attachment to the side so the device would sit flush to the wall.


Designed the plastic for injection molding and optimized the internal configurations of all components to follow appropriate standrads. The team collaborated to source components for both the main  device and applicators. Prototypes for the Main TCMS & Applicators were assembled with plastic prototypes which were machined and painted to portray final aesthetic.

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