BioBuzz Top 10 BioHealth Start Up CEO’s

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Congratulations to all the CEO”s and special shout outs to Harbor Designs & Manufacturing customers Carolyn Yarina – Sisu Global Health, and Clear Mask -Aaron Hsu.

‘Sisu’ means persevering in the face of adversity. This is a quality of the people that we design for, but also a belief we hold within ourselves. Every member of our team has the same tenacity and believes in what we’re doing.” stated Carolyn Yarina, CEO Sisu Global Health. Designed for the emerging markets, Sisu’s product Hemafuse is a device able to collect and filter a patient’s own blood to be transfused back to the patient during surgery, without using electricity.

CEO Aaron Hsu did not set out to be an entrepreneur or pioneer new medical devices for healthcare. After graduating from Johns Hopkins he was applying to medical school when his personal and business partner, who is deaf, endured a traumatic patient experience prior to surgery and the ClearMask was created to develop transparent face masks to bring comfort, assurance, and improved outcomes to patients

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April 10,2019
By Alexis Taylor  www.biobuzz.com