Baltimore Innovation Week DEV Day Agenda Announced

2019-09-23T10:25:32-04:00September 23rd, 2019|

Baltimore Innovation Week returns October 5-11 and this year will include seven Track Days as part of the week-long showcase of innovation in Baltimore. Harbor Designs & Manufacturing, LLC (Harbor Designs) and 1100 Wicomico are leading the charge for DEV Day on October 9, one of the seven Track Days.

DEV Day is focused on software engineering Dev and engineering to emerging startups and the cool technology they are using in and for their products. Other days include Civic, Explore, Science and Education, Creative and Media, and Business Access.

With 30+ sponsors and partners, DEV Day track leaders anticipate 300+ entrepreneurs, students, investors, and business leaders DEV Day will feature educational panels and presentations, live demos, a Sourcing and Service Provider Expo, an Entrepreneur Showcase of products invented and made in Baltimore, along with company tours and a Happy Hour.

DEV Day takes place October 9, 2019, from 8:30am – 7:00pm at 1100 Wicomico Street in Pigtown MD. The 46,000 sf on the 8th floor will be home to DEV Day and hold all components of the day’s programming. This is the first time in BIW’s nine years that a BIW event will be held in Pigtown. During the initial BIW planning meetings, the committee committed to highlight activities in specific areas of Baltimore to provide outreach opportunities.

“Due to the support of a large diverse community of sponsors who are supporting Innovation under DEV Day, we are able to showcase the development and innovation of products, people and companies being created right here in Maryland. We hope this also provides the opportunity to transform the perception of South Baltimore. Innovation under Dev is key to our survival and it is alive and growing right here in Pigtown!” shares Marjorie Cota, VP Strategic Partnerships and Market Dev, Harbor Designs & Manufacturing, LLC and BIW 19 DEV Day track day co leader.

“This is an opportunity to provide the building, our tenants and the community to see the possibilities of the future. Our overall goal of attracting new business to the building is ultimately to increase jobs, bring potential homeowners to the community and help our neighbors like Pigtown Mainstreet, Carroll Camden Industrial Area, Baltimore Community Tool Bank and others thrive,” said Marissa McDonald, Marketing Manager 1100 Wicomico and BIW 19 DEV Day track day co leader.

All DEV Day activities are free but registration is required. For details and registration, visit: https://2019.baltimoreinnovationweek.com/events-dev.

Sponsors and partners include: Harbor Designs & Manufacturing, 1100 Wicomico (the Building), Technical.ly, MD MEP, Mid Atlantic Farm Credit, Nemphos Braue, The Momentum Fund, University System of Maryland, Made In Baltimore, F3 Tech, Smart Logic, Start Up Grind Columbia, The Baltimore Community Tool Bank, M&T Bank, BDC, Brown Advisory, Early Charm Ventures Gross Mendelsohn & Assoc., Pompeian Olive Oil, Supply Chain OpEx Consulting, Whitebox, Squadra Ventures, ABS Capital, Protenus, Balti Virtual, Eco Map of Baltimore, Mammoth Battle Bot, Baked in Baltimore, Culinary Architecture, Old Major, Pigtown Main Street, Vagrant Coffee and Zest Tea.

Members of the media are invited to attend BIW DEV Day. For more information about DEV Day, contact Marjorie Cota at Marjie.cota@harbordesigns.net

About Harbor Designs & Manufacturing, LLC
Harbor Designs and Manufacturing (Harbor Designs), is a full-service engineering market driven new technology product design and manufacturing company. From concept designs to product market launch and everything in between, Harbor Designs and Manufacturing has experience and a quality team of innovators specializing in design, reimagining and manufacturing technology products of the future.
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About 1100 Wicomico (the Building)
1100 Wicomico is where Baltimore’s tomorrow is built today. Surrounded by biotech, industrial design and academic institutions, 1100 Wicomico champions innovation and collaboration. We give entrepreneurs the space and support they need to scale their businesses. And we call Pigtown—the city’s historically hard-working neighborhood with quick access to major transportation routes—home.
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About Baltimore Innovation Week 2019 (BIW19)
This annual event series is a unique collaborative effort from industry leaders across seven defined sectors. This is where technology meets science, creatives, students, entrepreneurs, sales representatives, marketing executives, economic developers, social activists and everyone in-between. A diverse community, showcasing innovation collaborating and celebrating the great work being done here.
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